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  • One of my favourite walks in Heol Lathog, Bryncethin, near Bridgend.  The walk known as the Ridgeway walk is a little hidden gem and not easily stumbled upon. The trees arching over the path makes for a very picturesque and inviting walk,  the atmosphere of the scene changes with the season's of the year.  I captured this image on a frosty spring morning.

  • One of my favourite walks in Heol Lathog, Bryncethin, near Bridgend. The walk has a different feel during the different seasons of the year, this is the Summer edition of the photo.

  • One of my favourite walks in Heol Lathog, Bryncethin, near Bridgend. The walk has a different feel during the different seasons of the year, this is the Autumn edition of the photo.

  • Llyn Brianne is a man-made reservoir in the headwaters of the River Towy in central Wales, it is a beautiful place and well worth a visit. I captured this image in Spring, I love the tranquility of the water and the serenity of the scene.

  • This man made reservoir is beautiful, it was particularly serene on the evening I took this photo.

  • The waters of the lake looks a different shade of blue each time a visit.  On this day, the water was almost indigo in colour.

  • This beautiful sunset was taken from the bridge at Heol Lathog, Bryncethin, Bridgend.

  • The purple flowers in the foreground give an extra dimension to this beautiful  sunset.

  • This photo was taken during high tide and  high winds at Porthcawl, South Wales. It is an award winning photo featured by The Telegraph and The

  • This photo was taken during high wind and high tide at Porthcawl.  This photo received a lot of media coverage and was featured in several local newspaper and on line websites including BBC Wales.

  • I waited over a year for the right weather conditions to photograph this giant wave.  I love the delicate colour of the sky reflection on the waves and contrasting with the turbulence of the stormy sea.  Myself and camera took a real soaking whilst taking this image but it was well worth it!

  • This photo is of a group of friends enjoying the sunset at Rest Bay, Porthcawl.

  • An iconic photo of the waves hitting the light house at Porthcawl during hide tide and high winds.

  • The cloud formation and deep blue sky gives this photo of the sea front at Porthcawl a vibrant feeling.

  • Hammersmith Bridge and riverside, taken from the Hammersmith bank.

  • An Idyllic scene of the boats moored on the river Thames at Hammersmith, London.

  • A view of the river Thames taken from a shelter on the riverside at Hammersmith, London.

  • I was walking our dog Bruce over Coity Common with my husband when we cam across this Idyllic scene of ponies relaxing in the summer sunshine.  I managed to get close enough to them to photograph them before they noticed me and moved on.

  • I was out walking along the old railway line in Bryncethin when I spotted this ewe in the distance.  The branches framing her and the sun light behind her gave the scene a fairly tale atmosphere. Fortunately I had my zoom lens with and managed to capture the image before she left the scene.

  • I was taking photos of the sunset on Coity Common when I spotted this pony watching me. I decided to photograph him and just as I started the rainbow came out behind in the sky enabling me to capture this enchanting photo.

  • The lake at Kenfig Nature reserve looking stunning in the spring sunshine.  I particularly love the calming blue tones in this photo.

  • The Ridgeway Walk is a hidden gem, it was particularly beautiful and inviting to walk along on. 

  • An atmospheric shot of the photo at sunset.

  • Aberystwyth War Memorial photographed through the arch of the caste at sunset.

  • An idyllic view of Aberystwyth taken from the coastal road.

  • The view of Aberystwyth sea front taken from the castle grounds.  All that's missing is fish and chips!

  • The Old Bridge (Welsh: Yr Hen Bont) is a medieval two arched stone footbridge that spans the River Ogmore at Bridgend in Wales.

  • Two canoeists paddle across Ogmore by Sea as the storm clouds roll in at Dusk

  • An idyllic view of Elan Valley on a cloudy summers day.

  • Cloudy skies and sunshine produced this beautiful full ark rainbow over the Welsh countryside.

Showing 1 - 30 of 35 items